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Our mission is to create a learning environment for school staff to have access to all of the important training resources they need. If you’ve worked in education, you’ve probably heard of the term “LMS” or Learning Management System. Most schools and districts implement a Learning Management System for their teachers to develop and assign course content, track student progress, and measure/report student outcomes. Unfortunately, very little training is offered to school administrators and office staff. EdVision Learning is the only LMS exclusively for K-12 administrators.

EdVision Learning offers your school a powerful learning platform containing trainings on various aspects of school operations. The training programs found on this website are designed to empower and educate your staff to become more knowledgable and efficient employees. The reality of school operations is that often, there is just too much information to grasp and not enough training opportunities offered. Schools and districts continue to face problems with turnover and are not well-equipped to keep retraining their staff.

EdVision Learning has identified key areas of school operations that are often overlooked and undertrained from comprehensive student information system tutorials to step-by-step state reporting guides. We hope to offer schools and districts a “one stop shop” for accessing the training they need when they need it. All of our training programs are designed to be interactive utilizing a combination of well written instructions and supplemental video demonstrations. We hope that it will be of great benefit to you.

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“Confidence comes from discipline and training”

Robert Kiyosaki

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